Helpful Resources for Writers

I’ve been away for a while, but there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation: I was kidnapped by mutant ninjas (not the cool turtle kind, either) and carted off to a secret laboratory where they wanted to put me through a series of experiments. After a few weeks of eating nothing but Turkish Delight and sleeping on straw before waking up at 2:37:43 AM precisely to babysit the neighboring cell-block’s kids, I decided I’d had enough. I made like a shepherd and got the flock out, and the rest, as they say, will be forgotten within a few months and after I die no one will ever remember the entire episode.


Anyway, to tide you over till the next review (spoilers: I’m currently working on the review of The Book of Lost Things by John Connelly), here’s a list of some excellent world-building resources for writers.

How to Build an Oppressive Government

Xtreme Culture Questions (A list of excellent questions to ask yourself when designing a culture [the society kind, not the old dairy kind {yes I just used brackets in parentheses}]).

Language Construction Kit

Generators! Name generators, inn generators, map generators (that one’s pretty cool), generators for all sorts of fantasy/RPG related needs. Excellent for when you’re stuck on describing something.

Inkscape (OpenSource vector graphics editor similar to CorelDraw or Illustrator. Good for maps!)

Worldbuilding Rants (What it sounds like: Limyaeel’s LiveJournal of rants about dozens of aspects in fantasy worldbuilding.)

Go forth and build worlds, only to shake their very foundations/utterly destroy them by the end of the book. Because let’s face it, who ever built a castle out of Legos and then calmly took it apart brick by brick when they were finished with it?